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Sharing Never leave the baby alone in the car

Mireia Long

The summer begins and I begin to think and to sorrow for the sad news that year after year is repeated: drownings, attacks of dogs and children who die forgotten in the car under a hellish heat. Today I warn you about this, because it seems that we do not learn, and there are still cases where parents leave the baby alone in the car to go on errands.

Never, never, leave the children alone in the car, but even less if it is summer because the temperature increases rapidly and the children can not leave. The cases end, sometimes, with death by dehydration of the child.

Well, we started. Recently a woman has been detained for having left her baby in the car while attending a thalassotherapy session. Fortunately, it was not too hot and in addition someone alerted the police, who came, released the baby and later stopped the mother.

How is it possible that someone is so unconscious to do this? No, I can not explain it to me. I do not want to continue writing about this specific case. To say only that I am very happy that this child is well and I congratulate the person who called the police.

Faced with such a case, I encourage you to do the same, call. And of course, do not for a moment leave your baby alone in the car.

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