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Vacations at last! This first quarter has been very long, but the holidays are here and we have time for celebrations, visits to museums and exhibitions, games at home, meals with friends and travel plans to enjoy as a family. Neither the cold nor the distance will stop us when it comes to short breaks full of interesting proposals, with which to enjoy with our family and friends.

We propose five fantastic plans that will delight young and old, away from the madding crowd of the big cities, so that this Christmas holiday becomes unforgettable.

Zoo of Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

There is no doubt that a day with animals makes children happy. The Santillana Zoo is like a big family, so they understand our needs well. This unique zoo has been in operation for 38 years and is one of the best in Europe, with species from five continents, such as chimpanzees, crocodiles, sakis, marmosets, anacondas, lemurs, tigers


An area full of activities, in which, apart from the visit in which they will become caregivers for a day, they will have the opportunity to get to know many of the animals that live in the Zoo very closely. They will feed, for example, the lemurs of Madagascar, the orangutans of Sumatra, the European otters, the reindeer ... On the website of the Santillana Zoo you can check that it opens every day of the year.

Os Carrileiros de Orense Railway Park (Galicia)

A railway park of the 21st century (it opened in 2003) with more than 4, 000m² dedicated exclusively to the railway world . The track circuit has a total length of 470m, with gauge track 5. For the passenger service there are two stations, one of them with ticket sales service and a waiting room, and a halt. Reinforced concrete viaduct, two tunnels and 4 level crossings For the service of trains there is a workshop-tank, water tower, coal bunker and rotating bridge that serves 5 tracks.

Your baby will be excited to get on a train of his size with dad and mom. You can check rates and schedules on the website of Os Carrileiros.

Las Hoces del Duratón (Castile and León)

A beautiful excursion that includes as an incentive the stop in any of the surrounding villages to taste the classic segoviano suckling pig, a good mushroom or a game dish. Sepúlveda, Sebúlcor and Carrascal del Río, in Segovia, contemplate how the Duratón River has made its way through the limestone rocks, creating a zone of canyons in its middle section of great scenic beauty and home to an uncountable number of birds. Its vegetation is also very varied and includes abundant species of shrubs and forests of junipers, poplars, willows, walnuts and chestnuts. Do not forget to consult Tourism of Castilla y León to see routes and places of interest.

A pleasant trip through Segovia in which both the little ones and the slightly older children will enjoy incredible landscapes full of birds. The Gro-up 123 car seat, which serves from 9 months to 12 years, ensures that everyone is comfortable and safe. Also after running and enjoying the whole day it will not matter if they fall down for a while, since the car seat can recline, thus always offering the most comfortable position.

Sierra Calderona (Valencia)

Only 20 km from Valencia we find this National Park of more than 17, 000 hectares dominated by pine trees and areas of holm oaks and cork oaks. However, the highlight in this park is its scrub forest, with species as varied as strawberry trees, rosemary, honeysuckle or sarsaparilla. It is perfect for families because of its low altitude, since few areas exceed 1000 meters, as they indicate from their website.

But there is no doubt that it is a long way by car, so our children should go as comfortable and safe as possible. Chicco's Gro-up chair is a good option because it offers a robust structure that guarantees maximum safety, while soft padding will always provide comfort. It also has an orange command, easily accessible, which allows you to adjust the headrest in an easy and intuitive way. So small people can adjust it to its size and travel comfortably.

Valley of Ambroz (Extremadura)

The Ambroz Valley is a natural region located north of the province of Cáceres and south of the Central System in the north of Extremadura. This region is formed by eight locations which are more beautiful and visitable with our children and babies because of its privileged climate, mild winters and cool summers, and the monumentality and charm of its villages.

The regional capital is Hervás, historically linked to Castile and the Community of villa and land of Béjar, of which it was part until in 1833 with the provincial reform of Javier de Burgos it became part of Extremadura. The southern half of the valley, on the other hand, belonged to the Sexmo de Plasencia.

Among its tourist attractions are the Ambroz river, the Roman road known as the Vía de la Plata, the Jewish quarter of Hervás (the best preserved in Spain), the spa in Baños de Montemayor, the Castaños del Temblar or the walled enclosure of Granadilla, declared of Historical Artistic Set, where the small ones will be able to cross the streets and to go up and down to the castle.

Choosing one of these excursions we already have a plan to enjoy the whole family, we just have to wrap up and prepare the best songs for the route by car. Where are you going to escape these holidays?

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