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Share Ovodonation, fulfill a dream even if it is not yours

Mireia Long

I had never investigated the ovodonation, until a few days ago, that I arrived from the hand of a Babies reader and more, to a forum called just like this: Ovodonation.

The ovodonation forum was born from the idea of ​​a recipient who proposed to a friend who was ovodonante to create a website with a forum that would connect ovodonation recipients and egg donors, so that they could feel more accompanied and understood in the process.

As a general rule, a donor does not know the scope of what she does and can not understand it, and a recipient has doubts and many questions to ask her "donor" and as the law does not allow it, she asks the members of that community. If a possible ovodonant manifests only economic reasons, she is advised to give up, since she can repent a posteriori if her fundamental motives are not to make an act of generosity so that another woman can fulfill her dream of being a mother.

There are many doubts, such as protocols, economic compensations and emotional implications. Medical tests and fear of surgery and pricking are normal in donors.

The recipients arrive at ovodonation for many reasons but usually share certain concerns because their child does not have their own genetic material. Their participation in the community reinforces them, making them aware that their child is their biological child even if they are given the genetic material of another woman.

Our reader Keyla, thanks to whom I have learned so much about this topic, explains her experience:

I only know that if someone gets what they are looking for, they will be the happiest person in the world, a friend of mine is a recipient and I was on their first ultrasound. I understood that day more than in my four donations. I am not curious about the future of children born thanks to the ovules I have donated, I know that whoever arrives there because they have a child will love it. She is her biological mother, I am just the tool she needed to continue fighting for a dream.

Because life, is to fight to fulfill dreams. Fulfill a dream


although it is not yours.

For women who think about donating or receiving, I strongly recommend that you visit the website and the ovodonation forum, as you will find a family that will understand your fears and emotions.

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