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Share cloth diapers for baby toy

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

More and more parents are choosing cloth diapers for their babies because they consider it a more ecological and natural option for their baby.

As expected, all the behaviors that we have in real life end up being reflected in the toy industry. Although it is more common to see bottles and disposable diapers as a complement, there are also cloth diapers for toy babies .

Toy diapers, manufactured by a Mexican brand, are a children's version of cloth diapers and have been created with the intention of promoting ecological awareness in children.

They are made with soft fabrics printed in bright colors, they are one-size-fits-all, and like the real ones, it is recommended to wash them with neutral soap or without phosphates and let them dry in the sun.

It is a good way to teach them that there are alternatives to disposable diapers, as well as I would like to see fewer bottles and pacifiers attached by default in the doll boxes.

In Spain I have not seen them yet (tell me if any of you did), but if you are skilled at sewing you can make them yourself. Is not difficult. Here you have a very simple tutorial to make a diaper for your children's dolls.

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