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Share Do your children vacuum?

Mireia Long

Our shopping companions showed us this curious household appliance that can help children help at home to vacuum.

It is a small vacuum that they explained was in the project phase but I have not been able to find any later data on its commercialization. And it is a pity, because it seems to me precious and very useful to encourage the little ones to join the collaboration in domestic chores.

I am not in favor of forcing children to have specific obligations in the care and cleanliness of the home when they are small, but to go little by little, making them aware that the house belongs to all of us and that we must all collaborate in their care according to our possibilities.

At the end of the day, if they help us we will have more time to play with them and the same cleanliness can be a great game.

Precisely the vacuum, even if they do not pass it perfectly, is one of the elements that we can encourage them to learn to use, always with continuous supervision and doing it as a game, when they are about five years old and as long as the child is responsible and careful. See how those annoying fluffs disappear they love it and it amuses them, but, I reiterate, we always have to be by their side and not let them manipulate it alone.

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