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papaLobo @papaLobox

Meet Rhiannon, an Australian zoologist and self-taught chef, has recently become famous for her designs of planet-shaped cakes from our solar system. And it makes them look like they really do . And not only makes a realistic copy of the exterior, but also represents all the inner layers of these planets made of pastel and scientifically almost perfect.

For example, use mud cake to imitate Jupiter's theoretical core of ice and rock, almond butter fulfills a perfect role for liquid hydrogen and vanilla for gaseous hydrogen.

Both planets, - not only has created Jupiter but we can also enjoy an amazing pastel planet Earth - are created with a great dedication for details, such as the contour of the continents, as well as the swirls of Jupiter.

In case someone wants to encourage you to do so, you have a video of how to do the interior here.

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