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Eva Paris @paris_eva

On several occasions we have brought to our pages studies that gave an account of the benefits of music therapy in premature babies. However, new research that reviews the literature on the subject, puts in doubt that music benefits the premature .

When reviewing nine studies on the subject, the team concluded that most were of poor quality, methodologically not very rigorous, so their validity is questioned. According to this, there is no good quality evidence that music helps premature babies to relieve pain, eat better and calm down.

Nine studies were identified: three on music to relieve the pain of circumcision; three to reduce pain during blood extractions in the heel and three on the effect of music on crying and other indicators of stress, frequency of feeding and other physiological measures.

Although the relaxing effects of music are undeniable, and if babies can hear, then some of that effect will benefit them. Another thing is that it is difficult to measure that benefit. Besides, I wonder how many more studies on the subject have not been reviewed.

In any case, it seems important to me to follow these paths of investigation that seek to improve the stress conditions of premature babies that later influence their future life.

The study was conducted by Dr. Manoj Kumar, of the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada, and published in "Archives of Disease in Childhood." The researchers concluded that high-quality studies are needed on the potential benefits of music for newborns before making any recommendation about its use.

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