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Silvia Díaz @madreaventura

The heat, the environments away from everyday life and work, as well as relaxed routines with the couple, are some of the attractive ingredients that make the summer one of the favorite times of the year to look for a pregnancy.

But in addition, there are other reasons that according to experts from the medical company Ava, make this time of year the perfect time to conceive .

You will give birth in spring

If you get pregnant between the months of July and September, you will give birth in the spring months of April, May or June, an ideal time as far as weather is concerned, since the usual thing is that we have left behind the winter cold and we have mild and pleasant temperatures.

In this way, you can enjoy your outdoor walks with your baby from the first day, as the warmth of those months will allow you to go out with your newborn without fear of getting cold or suffering from too high temperatures.

But also, giving birth in the spring will make the final stretch of your pregnancy easier, since you will not have to suffer the summer heat with a belly of seven, eight or nine months:

"You have to bear in mind that the last trimester of pregnancy is the one with the most swelling, something that is aggravated by the heat, in this way, you will avoid the excessive heat during the last months before giving birth" - underline Ava's experts.

More vitamin D for you and your baby

If you get pregnant during the first weeks of summer, you can still use the sun until the colder months and less hours of light.

This is very beneficial for you and your baby, since around the 13th week of pregnancy is when the cartilaginous tissue of the fetus begins to form, and vitamin D contributed by the sun's rays will help your child to develop a structure Bone stronger!

Likewise, vitamin D is essential for your baby once he is born, and even though your pediatrician will send you a supplement regardless of the time of year in which he was born, coming to the world in spring guarantees that your child can also take advantage of many months of vitamin D from the sun.

Babies with better character

According to the Ava experts, and according to several studies, children born in spring would have a more cheerful and optimistic character, as well as greater creativity and leadership skills than children born at other times of the year.

On the other hand, according to a study carried out by the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom, these children have less risk of developing allergies, asthma and eczema.

Possibility of extending the maternity leave

Many working women who give birth in the spring, add to their maternity leave of 16 weeks, their corresponding days of summer vacation, thus lengthening the time they spend with their babies .

Obviously, this measure is not always possible because it depends on the policies of each company and each specific situation, but for many women giving birth before the summer means enjoying an extra few weeks with their newborns.

For many couples who want to expand the family, it may not matter what time of year we are . But if in your imminent plans is to look for a pregnancy, it seems that summer is a perfect time for it.

Enjoy the magic of holidays and time alone with your partner: and hopefully soon you can see your dream fulfilled!

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