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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The Dutch brand Wallaboo, known for its beautiful lullabies and sacks, has launched a shoulder strap a baby carrier pouch in attractive colors.

The baby carrier is, for its benefits and for the pleasing result for the carrier and for the baby, one of the baby items that I consider indispensable. The choice of the appropriate baby carrier depends on the comfort and which is best suited to the needs of both.

Of all of them, the pouch is, according to my experience, one of the most comfortable. It has no straps, no rings, it is easy to place and it can be folded in your bag, although you have to be especially careful with the position that the baby adopts so that it goes completely safe.

The shoulder bag The Wallaboo pouch is made of 100% cotton and can be used from the birth of the baby, from 2 to 13 kilos. It can be placed on both the left shoulder and the right shoulder, alternating so as not to always carry the same shoulder.

It has four adjustable positions with Velcro so that you can enlarge or shrink to adapt the size to mom or dad, while it opens completely in front to facilitate the placement of the baby.

Where the baby is placed, it has a padding for comfort and allows you to carry it in three positions: sitting, sleeping or active.

The shoulder bag The Wallaboo baby carrier pouch is available in the most cheerful and spring colors. Its price is 55 euros.

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