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Share Beautiful accessories for animal costumes by Oskar & Ellen

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

With Carnival just around the corner you will love knowing these beautiful accessories for animal costumes of the Swedish firm Oskar & Ellen . Sometimes a good complement can become the absolute protagonist of the costume, especially if they are as pretty as these.

It is enough to dress the child with a shirt and tights or trousers of matching colors and you already have a makeshift costume of elephant, frog, donkey, rabbit or any other animal.

Each set consists of a cap and an adjustable tail with velcro made by hand. And they are so nice that some hats can even use them as a coat to go out on the street.

They are suitable for children from one year and another great advantage, they can be washed by hand up to 40 degrees. The price of each set is 13.95 euros and you can get them at Urbanbaby.

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