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Share Preparing the return to school: a desk with homemade cardboard boxes

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

It is time to start preparing the return to school, but to do it with enthusiasm and desire for a new beginning I want to show you a desk with cardboard boxes made at home .

A desk is one of the main elements in the children's room, but we can buy a conventional one, which for adults is the best option, or do it ourselves with materials that we have at home, your first desk .

This workspace that we see has been made with two large cardboard boxes, one inside the other to give it more robustness and smaller boxes used as organizers.

The kids can decorate it as they like, placing a paper on the surface to paint when they want, accessories to organize the paintings and if you prefer it to a letter box.

If you look at it well, the desk can even serve as a refuge to play inside, since one of the ends is open.

The advantage is that it does not cost us anything and you can have a great time with the children making a desk with homemade cardboard boxes, whose instructions step by step you can find them in the blog Building Blocks.

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