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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory disease of the skin that usually manifests for the first time during childhood with lesions that cause itching.

It is linked to the immune system causing an imbalance in the cells of the skin before environmental factors such as germs, dust, cold, sweat, humidity, etc. In fact, we have known that dermatitis is more frequent in humid cities.

It is usually associated with asthmatic respiratory processes and is increasingly common in developed countries with high levels of hygiene.

Atopic dermatitis has a strong hereditary component, but let's see how we can prevent the disease from manifesting in our children .

  • The child should be bathed no more than once a day. If you bathe every two days, the better.

  • Use warm water. Too hot water dries the skin.

  • After the bath dry the skin gently, without rubbing.

  • Apply daily moisturizing cream after bath.

  • Keep the child's nails clean and cut to avoid infections and scratching injuries.

  • Avoid the child sweating. If you sweat, wash immediately.

  • It is preferable that the clothing be made of cotton or yarn, avoiding as far as possible the synthetic garments.

  • The shoes must be of leather or fabric.

  • Air the house every day and do not abuse heating in winter. Sudden changes in temperature can trigger an outbreak.

  • It is recommended to vacuum the house instead of sweeping and avoid all kinds of fabrics that favor the retention of dust, especially in the bedrooms (carpets, stuffed animals, etc.).

Taking into account these simple tips, we can help to keep at bay the triggers of atopic dermatitis, the most frequent cutaneous disease during childhood.

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