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Many things are not necessary but it is best to prepare them a month before the happy event, as it is possible that your baby can overtake. The amount of clothes and accessories depends on the days you should be entered.

If your stay is to last about three days, prepare comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off. The ideal nighties are those that open ahead, since this way you will breastfeed your child with much more comfort. The panties if they are disposable much better, they also recommend it.

For your toilet do not forget the brush and toothpaste, the moisturizing lotions, the shampoo, the absorbent discs, the cocoa for the lips


in short, it is worth to make a good review because there is always something that is forgotten. In the suitcase that you prepare includes three open nightgowns, 2 or 3 nursing bras, 12 disposable panties, a pair of slippers, a robe, three pairs of socks and clothes to go home, this clothing is preferable to be wide.

For your baby try to bring clothes to move twice a day, 5 or 6 bodys, 2 pairs of socks or bootees, 5 sweaters and 5 pajamas, 6 bibs, a wool hat, a scarf and a bag to get him out of the hospital in case it's cold.

Avoid garments that have ties, buttons and zippers, Velcro or automatic and toilet is much better, public centers are responsible for providing you with the necessary but in private do not usually do. Also take a pack of diapers, protective cream for the ass and moisturizer.

Sometimes, according to the hospital where you are going to give birth, the dad will also spend some night in it and maybe you should prepare your toiletry bag, what you can not forget is the camera or video, where you can save those unforgettable moments .

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