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It is impressive the children's interest in computers, surely when they see you sitting at the computer, they try to put their hands on the keyboard or on the screen, you have even taught them how to use the mouse.

But the question of many parents is, at what age can you start using the computer? . The recommended age for your child to start in this world is from 2-3 years, depending on their level of development and maturity.

You will be surprised by the skill and ease with which it is handled once you know it, even more than many adults, but it is normal, since it was born, it is immersed in new technologies, and surely you have already started using the TV controls, the dvd or the mobile.

Children face the computer without fear, the opposite of what happens to an adult who starts, in addition to their desire to explore and investigate, helps them to learn easily. Real computers are more useful than toy imitations, but we must be present and monitor our son's access to cables and plugs. We must teach him to become familiar with his handling and he will be able to verify that it is an instrument of game and learning.

At this age, it is most appropriate for you to carry out activities through a cd-room, so that you can work without an internet connection. But if you wish, there are many web pages in which they offer activities for children such as trimming, painting, stories, songs


It is an ideal time to enjoy with your child something that will excite you, although you have to take into account the exposure time in front of the computer, because the view can be fatigued. We must also ensure that they do not isolate themselves, that they do not abandon other manual, creative and movement activities, much less replace them with games with other children.

This learning empowers our son many skills, such as attention, concentration, memory, decision making, the development of fine motor skills, etc., as well as introducing naturally to the complex world of information technology.

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