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Share What plans do you have with your children this Easter? the question of the week

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Hopefully, the weather improves and in any case, you have plans as a family for some of the next days. So today in our question of the week we would like to know:

What plans do you have with your children this Easter?

We want to know what your plans are with children for these holidays: if you go on a trip, rural or cultural tourism, excursion, cinema


or if you just stay at home trying to rest.

Last week's question

Last week Armando asked you what do you prioritize when choosing a school? and we have obtained varied answers . The most valued has been that of mipetisa, which told us the following:

Well, on his first day I saw all that I could, after among those that I liked for the educational plan and the project I chose the one that my instinct told me. Among other things was the closest to home so that my son had the opportunity to go alone when it is a little bigger and does not involve a long way to go and come that are many trips. I am lucky and I live in an area with many schools and many of them with plans of the so-called "new generation" so I had it easy. It is a school without books, with assembly within the class, with projects and corners (which are not limited to children also in primary) without exams, or "homework" and with much participation of parents, ah and public.

On the other hand, warm made an extensive exhibition of what prioritizes when looking for a school : proximity to the home, that is not a large or crowded school, that is of integration, that the educational project gives importance to emotional development, to the development of creativity and the empowerment of the love of art and sport, that there are no duties or exams, that it works democratically, in which the particularities of each child are respected and where there are no rewards or punishments:

In short, I would like a human school, which tries to train human beings, and not a mass assembly line of small clones trained in an identical way to accept submissively and without questioning the reality that they will have to live. I do not want a school where discipline and authority are given a lot of importance, where the master class and the rote study are the educational method par excellence, and where children are treated in a way very similar to how it is treated in prisons to the prison population. Although the school has a very good "level" and appears in the number 1 of the "ranking" of schools in the tests of I do not know what.

The proximity to the home, the good facilities, the reduced ratio, the bilingual classes or that is a religious school are other characteristics that other parents prioritize when looking for a school for their children.

Of course, there are also those who did not have the opportunity to choose despite having very clear what they were looking for. Things of the educational system and the way in which adscriptions are organized. Politicians have been the center of criticism in some comments.

Our anamare reader told us the following:

For me it is important that the vehicular language is our mother tongue (valencià), that it is close to home and allows us to come to eat (or better still have a continuous day), that it be in a quiet place and have outdoor spaces ( courtyards, sports courts, classes with natural light


). For now my children attend the only public center that is in the town (and that is also where I work) but if I saw the situation change city and choose a center what I have clear is that before taking them to a "barracks "I keep them at home, because I think a barracks school is depressing and even unhealthy. I hope our politicians act as "good parents" and leave their spacious and comfortable offices to children and occupy the "barracks" of many Valencian schools.

Now we have a new question, remember that we wait for the answers in the section dedicated to it: this week's question is already available. We expect your comments during the next seven days in the Baby Answers section and more.

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