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Armando @armando_bastida

One of my coworkers told me once: "If I ever get pregnant, let them put me to sleep and take it from me", from the absolute fear I had (and I suppose I still have) to give birth.

For a while now, hospital protocols are changing in favor of offering women more decision-making power, more role in childbirth, more freedom of movement, more intimacy, a more relaxed atmosphere and more time for her to go doing, without as much control as before .

This is what has been fought for many years with the birth plans and with the professionals who rebelled against the system. However, when changing protocols, some women, like my friend, are left in a complicated situation: "Did not you say that you were afraid of childbirth? Well, come on, you're going to do it by yourself. "

And there are women whose type of quiet delivery is not one in which she does everything, but one in which professionals are over controlling everything (if possible).

"I'm relieved by medicalized childbirth"

It is possible (and it is logical and normal) that there are women who would be reassured if someone said to them: "Do not worry, we attend births here as usual: you lie down and we monitor and control the entire process " Something like "welcome, leave it to us, we take care of everything".

With a delivery of this type are trying to control all variables, which does not mean that they are under control, because as we know an excessive instrumentalization can generate some problems in the birth process, and usually achieves a delivery without pain (by epidural), but with an increased risk of episiotomy and cesarean section.

"To me it is that calms me more a labor little intervened"

The other option, the "modern" one (because it is not that it is modern, it is a necessary step in the evolution of childbirth care), it is the one that reassures all those women who want to live their birth, they want greater prominence and seek care that causes less risk for both her and the baby .

This type of births are more painful (if the epidural is not used), the pregnancy is lived with that uncertainty of whether it will hurt a lot or not and with the doubt of "if I can with it". However, the chances of giving birth spontaneously are greater and the sensations after giving birth are usually different: it is not the same to get something with the effort to get it through the hands of another.

Each mother who chooses the type of delivery that is best for her

Right now we are at a time when a woman can choose (well, it is not entirely true, because there are still many hospitals closer to intervention than the less controlled birth), so, if you want a type of delivery, which is be it, say it .

Some years ago, some mothers used the so-called birth plan to define, at the beginning, what type of delivery they want to live. The usual thing is that a delivery plan is drawn up to request things that are not usually done in a hospital, although they are recommended by WHO and other official bodies: I do not want to be shaved, I do not want to have an enema, I want freedom of movement, I want to give birth in the position that I feel most comfortable, etc.

However, a birth plan can be perfectly one in which the opposite is asked: I want to have an epidural as soon as possible, I want to have an enema, I want to give birth, etc., and I consider that both as the other is very useful for the professionals who must attend the birth, because they know in advance what are the wishes of each mother.

It's like when you go to the pediatrician and, if you are a mother who prefers not to medicate, you say: "Look, if it is not necessary, I prefer not to give anything". I say "tell" because if you do not do it pediatricians act by inertia: giving almost all children some medication even if it is not absolutely necessary, simply to avoid having to walk giving explanations because they have neither time nor many times desire of giving them (the pediatricians of my CAP go home sometimes having seen more than 45 children).

Well, that, if a professional who has to assist you knows what your concerns are, will be positioned based on them when it comes to serving you and this can help you feel better. Now, the choice is now more or less possible because we are in a moment of change .

Many professionals are already adopting the new protocols and try, for the sake of the mother and the child, that labor is little intervened and many professionals still apply the model of controlled birth, giving rise to the option of choosing. In a few years, when the protocols are fully in place, professionals may not give so much freedom of decision and simply say: "Madam, you are able to do it, we will be with you, just in case, but giving birth is up to you "

Returning to the topic: which part calms you more?

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