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Share Summer recipes: special spaghetti for children

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I suppose it is easy for anyone to prepare a plate of spaghetti with a little tomato and some tripe of chorizo, ham or any other ingredient. Getting the children of the family to consider your pasta dish as the richest of all and at the same time reduce the fat present in it, was a great challenge that with this recipe of special spaghetti for children, you can overcome without difficulty.

Of course you can adapt the recipe to your needs and availability of your fridge, using fresh sausages, chicken breast or leftovers of some meatballs, but with today's recipe as I explain it, however simple it may seem, you will have success assured.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 300 gr of spaghetti, 250 gr of minced meat of sausages, 75 gr of chorizo ​​sausage, 250 ml of homemade fried tomato, water, salt and grated cheese to melt

How to make special spaghetti for children

The most important task of this preparation is to have a good fried tomato sauce, preferably homemade . It costs nothing to fry some tomatoes and the result changes a lot if we compare it with those that sell in a can or jar. If you're not going to use homemade fried tomato, buy some quality brand from among the packaged ones.

To make the sauce of our special spaghetti, we are going to substitute the typical picadillo de chorizo, much more fatty due to a mixture of sausage and sausage, but with less presence of it but maintaining its flavor. To achieve this, we chop the chorizo ​​into pieces and put them without any oil in the pan so that they release their fat and brown a little.

As soon as the choricitos begin to change color, we add the minced meat of the sausages so that they get cold in that fat taking the flavor of the chorizo . With this contribution we make sure that the children will also eat the meat, since they will love its flavor.

Then add the homemade fried tomato and stir to blend in the flavors, leaving it to cook for 5 minutes. Then turn off the fire but leave the sauce in the pan to keep it very hot.

Cook the pasta according to the manufacturer's instructions until it is ready. With the children it is better to spend some pasta because they do not like it so much that it is al dente. In each dish, we serve first the spaghetti, on top of it a good spoonful of sauce and on it some strands of grated cheese.

Having good ingredients, if you make this recipe as I tell you, children and adults will enjoy the traditional flavor of pasta with chorizo, but we can include minced meat that will have a protein contribution with less fat than if we did all the recipe using crumbled chorizo.

Production time | 30 minutes Difficulty | Easy


You will see how your children love the taste of these special spaghetti for children because of the presence of chorizo, the sweetness of the homemade fried tomato and the intensity of the meat. Whoever wants, you can sprinkle your plate with a few leaves of oregano and enjoy its aroma.

The good thing is that in addition, you can have the sauce made and stored in the fridge or even frozen, and prepare this dish the day you want, simply cooking the pasta and heating the meat sauce and chorizo ​​with tomato at the time.

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