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Share Summer recipes to make with the kids: chocolate cake and chocolate

Pakus @futurobloguero

This is a recipe that brings back memories to everyone. Memories of some birthday party, memories of grandmothers and mothers, and memories that should be transmitted to our own. That's why I want this summer to prepare a cake of cookies and chocolate with your kids, so they always remember that precious moment.

If, like you, you have memories of this cake, or of a similar version that was made in your house, notice how simple it can be that you contribute to that family memory is perpetuated in time . It is very simple as you will see.

Ingredients for a cake for 6 servings

  • For the cake, 400 g of square biscuits, 250 g of chocolate to melt, 150 g of butter, 2 eggs, 400 ml of whole milk, 150 g of sugar glacé and 1 pinch of salt
  • For coverage, 50 grams of chocolate and 25 grams of butter

How to make chocolate and biscuit cake with children

The cookie cake is very simple to prepare and it only takes a little patience to go placing layers of the two ingredients that has this assembly. On the one hand, the cookies soaked in hot milk and on the other, the layers of a chocolate cream .

In each house they prepare in a way this filling, from using layers of Nutella that can be alternated with layers of jam, to authentic ganaches or creams of flavored chocolate and reduced with liquid cream. On this occasion we are going to prepare a homemade cream that we will use for the filling of the cake and for its coverage, we will use melted chocolate with butter.

To make the chocolate filling cream, we start by melting the chocolate in pieces with the butter in the microwave. We beat the egg yolks with the sugar and when they whiten, we incorporate them into the melted chocolate. Add the beaten whites to the snow and add them to the cream with enveloping movements. We reserve the cream in the refrigerator once it is homogeneous.

Heat the milk in a saucepan and when it is warm, lightly bathe the cookies one at a time, placing them in a glass dish. We are placing the cookies aligned to create a pastel or rectangular cake . In this task children can help us if they are of the right age and they are doing it with care.

On each layer of cookies we put another chocolate cream and then we repeat the operation again. Everyone will love participating by smearing the cream on the cookies or trying to see how sweet it is. The ideal is to make a cake with four or five layers of cookies and thus the cut will be spectacular.

Once the assembly of alternating layers of cookies and chocolate cream is finished, we cover the cake with chocolate with a melted cover with a little butter and decorate with hearts and other pastry accessories. To eat!!!

Production time | 1 hour Difficulty | Half


I am sure that with this summer recipe to make with the kids you will not have any problem because the cake of cookies and chocolate everyone likes. If they help you place the cookies or prepare the chocolate mixture, they will also have had a great time and will keep it in your memory forever.

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