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Share Summer recipes for kids: individual pizzas of minced meat

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It is curious how much the youngest of the house like the dishes in individual rations. If instead of making a large potato omelette you make individual tortillas, it seems that they like it much more. That is why in this selection of summer recipes for kids we have prepared these individual pizzas of minced meat with which they will enjoy.

Its realization is very comfortable and fast so you will come very well when you do not have planned what to do for dinner or if suddenly there are more guests at home and you have to improvise . With this simple preparation, you will always be well and you can adapt the filling to other ingredients that suit you or you have in the fridge.

Ingredients for 8 individual pizzas

  • A packet of wafers for dumplings, 8 tablespoons of fried tomato, mozzarella cheese, 150 gr of minced beef, olive oil, salt and oregano

How to make individual pizzas of minced meat

You can make the base using the precooked pizza dough you will find in the refrigerated section in the supermarket and cut out small pizzitas with a plating ring, or you can even make your own pizza dough if you want a more authentic dish. But for summer cooking and being for children, I'll tell you that my trick for this recipe is to use the packages of empanadillas, whose wafers are great for the individual mini-pizzas.

Depending on the age of each child, we will calculate one, two and even three individual pizzas as a ration. As with all pizzas, we start by putting a tablespoon of fried tomato on the base and cover immediately with plenty of grated or pinched mozzarella cheese.

In a pan, fry the minced meat until it changes color, that is, fry it very lightly so that it is finished in the oven and juicy. When it changes color, we distribute it over the minipizzas serving a spoonful or two well extended without gobs.

If the children are friends to taste flavors, we can add a very chopped carrot and celery stick to the meat and sauté it with a little fried tomato, making a kind of bolognese sauce . We can also add, - already on the pizza - some slices of mushroom or a few slices of chorizo.

Once decorated our pizzas, a task in which children can participate, as when we prepare the recipe for mini hamburgers making faces, we bake them at 180º for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Production time | 15 minutes Difficulty | Very easy


A good option, when we prepare this summer recipe for the kids, the individual pizzas of minced meat, is to make different coverages so that each pizza is different. It is fun to prepare some with chorizo, others with another type of cheese, others with cream sauce carbonara style, etc.

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