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The children have already returned to school, which is a break for all to return to the routine and the most organized schedules, but we have to think of take-away dishes in a tupper, snacks for the snack and make your diet healthy and complete After the recipes for the kids that we have published this summer, we want to start this special recipe for going back to school with a funny sandwich that makes you laugh .

Throughout the next few weeks we will see nutritious dishes, easy to prepare, practical recipes, menus for tupper, healthy and fun snacks and ideas for all tastes and ages. As the return to school involves a greater physical and intellectual effort, we will try to contribute with suggestions for a complete diet. And now, to prepare the sandwich!

Ingredients for each sandwich

  • A hamburger bun, 5 slices of pork loin, 1 slice of melted cheese, 1/2 hard-boiled egg, some rocket leaves, 1 parsley leaf, 1/2 cherry tomato

How to make a sandwich that makes you laugh

The main thing is to remember that it is a sandwich and that although it looks fun, then they are going to eat it, so in addition to taking care of its exterior appearance, we have to fill it up so that it is a great snack . We start by preparing all the ingredients and putting the egg to cook.

Open the hamburger bread and place the filling, in this case we will put 4 slices of loin, chorizo ​​or your favorite sausage covering the base and another one that we will leave hanging to simulate that the sandwich is sticking out its tongue .

To make the hair, we will use some rocket leaves to take advantage of the sawing of these leaves that will simulate the bangs . We cut two small pieces of cheese to make the eyes and put them on two leaves of parsley that will make eyelashes.

Inside the sandwich, put the sliced ​​hard boiled egg and the slice of melted cheese to which we had removed the pieces for the eyes. We will complete the face with two pieces of tenderloin for the eyes and finish with a cherry tomato nose . Fun and complete.

Production time | 10 minutes Difficulty | Very easy


This sandwich that makes fun is very fun but to snack, you have to put your eyes and hair inside and eat them too. With a piece of fruit, we will have a very complete snack, to do the homework and play a good time with the replenished energies.

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