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Share Recipes and other gastronomic ideas to celebrate Mother's Day

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Mother's Day is approaching and without a doubt a good way to celebrate is to prepare the recipe of our mother that we liked the most when we were little.

In Directo al Paladar, our cocillas blog, have had the wonderful idea of ​​rescuing the recipes of our mothers, delights that we can prepare to honor them and honor us next Sunday.

Pay attention to the recipes and other gastronomic ideas that give us to celebrate Mother's Day with a good taste in your mouth.

Recipes of our mothers

One of the most typical flavors of Murcia, the bread of Calatrava, can become an ideal and easy dessert to celebrate Mother's Day . Also made in record time is this recipe for quick lemon mousse.

Among my favorite desserts, and the one that reminds me most of my mother, the apple strudel, to take it accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And another delicacy that can be taken as a dessert or with coffee are fried canes filled with cream.

As for salty dishes, keep in mind two recipes that all children like: light Russian salad or meatballs in dark sauce

Gift ideas for mothers kitchens

If mom is one of those who spends the entire day in the kitchen with all the taste of the world, keep in mind these little gifts to surprise her that you will surely love.

From a beautiful set of oven trays with moles, or more accessible, a baking set of French porcelain in neutral color to complete the kitchenware.

Of course, we can not forget the classic cloths or kitchen aprons, which can even make the kids, or a set of wooden spoons hand painted by themselves. Something simple and useful at the same time.

And finally, a gift that I find precious and super original for children to do as they come (what matters is the intention and affection put) is to convert your favorite recipe into a work of art.

You can write the recipe and make the drawings of the ingredients, or write it dad and they make the drawings and put it in a beautiful frame.

I hope these recipes and ideas inspire you to honor mom in her day. Test them and then tell us.

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