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Eva Paris @paris_eva

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, publishes an excellent document that guides on breastfeeding and complementary feeding and that at the end presents an annex with recommendations about how to feed babies with formula milk in a safe and correct way .

It is a document entitled "Feeding infants and young children: Standards recommended by the European Union", which includes the work of a group of the EUNUTNET (European Network for Healthy Public Nutrition: Networking, Monitoring, Intervention and Training), with the consensus recommendations on childhood feeding.

In Annex 4, entitled "Safe food alternatives" (page 27 of the document), the following practices are recommended to reconstitute, store and feed children with powdered formula, and for the safe handling, at home, of the formula liquid ready to take:

  • Avoid contamination (by washing hands and ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen and the tooling).
  • Prepare the infant formula in fresh powder for each shot.
  • Use germ-free containers (with thorough washing and sterilization by boiling for 10 minutes, immersion in sterilizing liquids or using microwave sterilizers).
  • For the reconstitution and preparation of the powdered formula, the instructions contained in the can or package must be followed exactly in order to ensure that the preparation is neither too concentrated nor too diluted; both extremes can be dangerous for the child.
  • Reconstitute the formula with hot water (> 70ºC) or water that has been boiled and cooled from 70º, avoiding recontamination.
  • Cool the reconstituted formula quickly (before 30 minutes) and use it immediately; Take precautions with the temperature to avoid the risk of burns in the child's mouth.
  • Discard any remaining formula after each feeding.
  • Ready-to-drink liquid formulas, usually sold in disposable bottles or in tetra bricks, are sterile products. However, they can be contaminated with potentially harmful environmental bacteria after opening or during handling or administration. Also in these cases strict hygiene should be respected to minimize the risks.

Also, in this same section of the document, apart from the advice to properly prepare the bottle with formula milk we are reminded that these milks are not sterile and other data about cow's milk, which should not be used for children under one year.

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