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Share Do you give your children everything they ask for Christmas? the question of the week

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Each week we ask you a question that parents can answer and vote in our Babies section and more Answers. This way we share experiences and we know better your points of view and customs. Each week we launch a new question and assess the answers to the question from the previous week.

Given the proximity of Christmas and taking into account that at this point you will be the letters to Santa Claus and the Magi written and sent, we want to ask you:

Do you give your children everything they ask for Christmas?

Last week's question

Last Wednesday we asked you another question related also to Christmas. We asked you what toy you would not give to your children? and the answer that has received the most votes is that of Brujanorte, who told us:

I will never give my children or any other child any toy that does not carry the seal of quality and supervision of child safety, and just in case I check the daily list published by the Consumers Association (flipo with some toys that are still the sale, with seal of quality and that has already been prohibited to import or export because they are dangerous). I do not like war toys peeeeroooo, I have a serious dilemma in imposing my criteria and remove an illusion, I think the war toy is not bad in itself if not how it is used or what it symbolizes. My son greatly enjoys the game of costumes, and as soon as he wants to be a princess, as an astronaut, as Luke Skywalker, and of course, we make a laser sword which he uses with balls that I'm throwing at him, and if he is a cowboy he uses his own hand like a gun to gather the cows !!!!. If you ask me for a gift as a gift to be Don Quixote, then it's ok, we'll attack windmills



We remind you that our question for this week is already available in the Babies and more answers section and we invite you to vote and respond in that link so that we can take your participation into account .

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