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Share Gift for Mother's Day: a collection Nancy

Eva Paris @paris_eva

Personally, the dolls stopped liking me long ago, but there are those who follow with passion the trajectory of different dolls that they knew in childhood. On the occasion of Mother's Day Famosa launches a reissue of one of her collector's dolls, the Nancy Geisha .

What this doll has in particular, which could be for any girl (or older girl, that is, mothers), is that it is a special edition that comes with a silk scarf for mom.

Nancy has already turned 40, although it seems that time does not pass through her thanks to the various renovations she has suffered. Some aesthetic "retoquillos" that keep it in top form.

Of course, this gift is only for the true lovers and nostalgic of the Nancy doll. I recognize that I played with her, but now I would not be particularly excited to receive her.

So for the nostalgic of this doll it would be a very special surprise, the Nancy Geisha and a silk scarf for mom to wear . If not, dads, better give her only the handkerchief, unless you want to take the doll for your daughters ...

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