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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

According to Canadian researchers, only one antibiotic treatment during the first year of life is enough for a baby to have a higher risk of developing childhood asthma.

Somewhat alarming, since analyzing the case of several children, they could observe that exposure to antibiotics doubled the risk of asthma, a risk that increases every time a new treatment is applied.

However, the experts pointed out that the association between antibiotics and asthma is not conclusive and that it did not affect children who, already on their own, due to a family history or a genetic tendency to allergies, were born with a high risk of develop the disease.

Previous studies on the subject had already been carried out, but none of them analyzed the possibility that children had asthma prior to exposure to antibiotics, that is, if the disease was earlier or was caused by the medicines.

In conclusion, they say that in order to establish a cause-effect connection, more large-scale studies should be done.

There are pediatricians who try to limit the use of antibiotics to the maximum and prescribe them only in extremely necessary situations. If this relationship is confirmed, we will have to be even more cautious.

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