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Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the farewell of some friends returning to their country: a group of moms and children of all ages met for picnics and playing outdoors, the sky was gray and threatened with a storm, but the truth is that all We appreciated that it had cooled a bit. I tell you this not because it matters to you, but because we commented on the fact that - apparently - when we become adults the perception of time is different, and in fact it seems that it 'flies'.

And that is exactly what is happening to me now: it seems that it was yesterday when I was here telling you about the latest news from Peques y Más, and today I'm back. The truth is that sometimes it seems that we are the ones who want to 'do a thousand things at once' and thus accelerate the course of the hours. Be that as families, we deserve more time with children, and this is where dads and moms come in, striving to enjoy the most of the moments we spend with the kids, without interruptions and giving them experiences that they will appreciate such as walks, visits to museum, games at home, water 'wars' with the hose, etc.

And as the desired summer begins, in our blog we have presented some activities to do as a family: trips like the one made by Marcos in western France, experiments like the one in which we showed that water expands when freezing, or readings like that of 'Ancas Fatales, a case of Batracio Frogger'. For the rest, right now I tell you what are the other issues that we have discussed these past days. In the review of our most interesting articles, I will stop at the health issues that we have addressed: the issues related to summer have had a special role, because insect bites can transmit diseases, and now (when ultraviolet radiation is more intense) people with solar allergy, should be very careful. Atopic dermatitis has also been treated, and in a particularly relevant way the 'Metabolic Guide' has been presented, which offers information about congenital errors of metabolism. In health we have also dealt with counseling to solve the problems caused by sweat in children.

And since we believe that health necessarily goes through an adequate diet, we have welcomed our Special Infant Feeding, which we will keep for a few weeks. Did you know that Spanish grandparents maintain a healthy diet for their grandchildren? It is excellent news that good habits are not lost, although we know that dads and mothers can also do a lot in this regard. That's why we invite you to try our healthy dinner proposal, a delicious dish of melon with ham that will be delicious for the whole family.

I do not want to stop telling you that we have brought other posts related to the summer : as an example the offer of the campsites of the Costa Tropical, with free stays for families with children whose parents are unemployed; or the height meter for Abrisud swimming pools.

In a matter of three days the schools will close their doors for the academic teaching program, although many will continue opening in order to host different leisure activities for those families who need help when it comes to taking care of children on vacation. And the ineveryCREA community has also finished the school year, we tell you here. As we have also updated our readers on what are the preferred themes of the summer camps.

I leave you with four news we have shared in the past days from our pages: the challenge of ending preventable deaths in children, the upcoming presence of Spanish companies at the CBME Shanghai fair, a social network to encourage reading in children called Boolino, and finally a place to exchange clothes for children from 0 to eight years ... it's called Grownies.

With all this I say goodbye until next week, wishing that you do not spend too much heat and that you enjoy your children.

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