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Marcos Lopez

This week in Peques y Más we emphasize that in the formation of the child's personality, we must encourage self-discipline or self-control rather than self-esteem . We also commented that children should be helped to generate useful and positive attitudes so that they have a more satisfying life. And since we are in the summer, we take the opportunity to remember that the summer friendships of the kids are for life.

As autumn approaches, in Clan they prepare and propose a lot of fun and premieres designed for the children although they will have a tough competition with Sing Game that awaits us in Plaza EnCanto on the Disney Channel. We have also talked about the crafts to work with the Oh Happy Day summer printables that have many uses. And if you want to make lavender bags with your children, we will discuss how we can start with it. And we practice a bit of physics by checking how the surface of the water reflects the light.

In health, we mentioned that traveling with children to exotic destinations requires prevention with vaccines. For long exposures to the sun we remember what were the advantages of solar filters of mineral origin. And we also proposed to make a frozen banana covered in chocolate with a delicious flavor and that offers refreshing pleasure. We have reflected on the long hair of children and we have commented that it does not have to be any problem.

In the section of purchases this week we talked about the most ecological and healthy children's tableware is in Ekobo. We really liked the collection of sheets Dreaming from my Kids & Things window . And Disney Infinity arrives at all the consoles on August 23, 2013 with its spectacular stages and many adventures for Disney characters.

For the kids, Educa presents the funniest table games with Doraemon as the protagonist. And an advertising campaign in Singapore shows toys from the past still working thanks to their batteries. To decorate the room we liked the Philips alliance with Disney to create a lighting environment full of possibilities to entertain and encourage the rest of the kids. And we discuss how is the door through which the Tooth Fairy enters because it can be achieved. For the return to school tuctuc presents the autumn and winter season for 2013 - 2014.

In the reading this week we reviewed a story about lasting and unconditional friendship called History of a hug . We also talk about Tales by Mail of Raquel Díaz, a literature that your children will receive in the mailbox of the house.

And on the outings with kids, we recommend the horse races in Sanlúcar de Barrameda that were from August 16 to 18, 2013. And we reviewed Planes, the last Disney movie with the participation of the Eagle Patrol. And on videogames and consoles, we congratulate the Spanish company Novarama that celebrates 10 years with its success Invizimals as its main asset.

In responsibility we talk about that if someone tells your children that the indigenous peoples are primitive, you tell them that it is a lie. And more because we reflect on whether someone is teaching teenagers to drink responsibly. And for teachers and teachers, we discussed the event organized by the Atresmedia Foundation called ¡Gracias, profes! and that will be on September 5, 2013.

As always, we recommend you go through Peques and more, so you can review these contents more widely and discover more articles than we include in this summary. Until next week!

Image | Key Foster