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Marcos Lopez

This week in Peques y Más, the blog that is dedicated to children between the ages of five and twelve, we have told you that we are preparing for the children's holidays, that we are learning a lot of things with the World Cup. Football, there are very interesting tools in the classroom and we are supporting a campaign to save pediatrics .

We are in the Soccer World Cup in South Africa and we thought it is a great opportunity to learn geography, flags and many customs of the countries that are playing football.

We are going to go on vacation as soon as the school is over and we have commented what options there are in the market on the activity notebooks. Apparently a lot of homework but little interaction with the Internet .

At school we are learning to use the mesosphere and in the classrooms we are open to learning with Interactive Digital Whiteboard that is so simple for children, our digital native children, and that will require teachers to adapt their use .

In the area of ​​health we have decided to support the campaign of Save the pediatrics of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics that treats the specialist as a species to be extinguished .

In the aspects of nutrition we have recalled the importance of breakfast in children in the morning.

We do not know why there are people who are questioning if we take our children on vacation to a cruise because many times we have commented that we do everything for our children.

Is it worthwhile to control the navigation of your children or is it enough to educate, train, teach and guide ? It is a question that we ask ourselves repeatedly as the children advance in the use of technologies.

And that's all the week gave in Peques y Más . We hope you go through our blog to discover what new features are presented daily for the elderly in the house until we meet again next week.

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