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It is common that during pregnancy you suffer fluid retention that gives you a series of bothersome symptoms. You have the sensation of heaviness in your body, of fatigue and the clearest symptom, you have swollen legs.

This is due to hormonal factors, especially the increase in progesterone, which relaxes the tissues and accumulates more fluids, but also physiological factors influence, the uterus presses the veins of the lower part of the body and complicates the emptying of the vessels lymphatics

To all this, we must add the possibility that you lead a sedentary life and that you gain excessive weight during pregnancy. All these factors translate into the swelling of the ankles and have legs as if they were lead. Normally during pregnancy, you can retain up to one liter of fluid per day and arriving at night you notice some swelling in the ankles. But after the night rest, that swelling should go down, if not, then you suffer from excessive fluid retention.

There are effective ways to solve this problem, performing a manual lymphatic drainage is a solution. It is a massage that relaxes your body and mind and provides a feeling of immediate relief. It also provides your skin with a better appearance, smoother, thanks to improve your circulation.

With this massage, you eliminate the stagnation of liquids and favor the assimilation of them, resulting in an anti-swelling effect, but not all there, you also develop the immune system, since the lymphatic system is the one that stimulates the body's defenses. The lymphatic drainage (massage) must be applied by a professional so that the effect may arise.

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