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If you are one of those who detest the colors pink, light blue and yellow for babies, children's songs like Don Pepito and angora wool caps for winter, this is your page: Nipazz whith Attitudes: the shop for parents and alternative babies, heavis, punks, hippies, grunges or other urban tribes.

The clothes are "urbanwear" individually painted by hand. They have bodysuits, t-shirts and accessories such as hats, gloves, bibs of the "coolest".

I particularly loved the music section. In it you will find CD for babies with classics like Smell like teen spirit of Nirvana or themes of The Sex Pistols if you like punk. But as there are for all tastes (well, for those who have different tastes) they also have hip hop, country, disco and 80's music. The page allows you to listen to a piece of the selected songs.

I'm already imagining my nephew with his Rage Against the Machine t-shirt. I'll wait for them to have one of The Beatles or Bob Marley. My son will surely like it.

Official site | Nippaz with attitude