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Share ¡Sí, mamá !, effective solutions for your children to behave well


One of the phrases that most children repeat is "Yes, Mom", it is also one of the phrases that most parents like to hear from their children, and this is the title of María Luisa Ferrerós' book, ¡Sí, mamá!, an interesting reading about the education of our children from birth to adolescence.

The education our children receive from their first days will be decisive in their training as a person, and although it is not an easy task, some tips like the ones provided by this child psychologist, author of Teach her to watch TV, can be welcome.

To give you an idea of ​​the topics covered in the book, we leave you a very interesting video in which you can learn the approach and some of the advice that Maria Luisa Ferrerós offers us.

You can find the book in your usual bookstore at a price of 17 euros.

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