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Share Jumper with BBY activities tray

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The little ones enjoy like crazy people in the jumpers. My baby loves to jump, is very entertained in addition to strengthening the muscles of his legs while playing with his feet a blanket with sounds that placed on the floor under her.

I especially recommend jumpers with a tray such as BBY's Jump & Go as it avoids possible knocks with the door frame, especially if there is a bigger brother who swings the baby, as happens at home.

What differentiates this jumper from others is that it incorporates a tray of activities with sounds and lights that entertain even more the baby.

Pediatricians remember that it should only be used for a while, not exceed twenty minutes and be always monitored. They also suggest adjusting the height so that the baby supports the entire foot and not only the tips, as it is possible to get used to walking on tiptoe.

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