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Share Mild bleeding from the navel of the newborn

Eva Paris @paris_eva

In the newborn, it is normal for the navel to bleed a little the first few days and also when the rest of the pinched cord falls. We will discover it because there are some drops that stain the gauze, but do not soak it. If the cord has already fallen, what we will observe are small dried remains, coagulated, when proceeding to the cleaning of the navel, in the internal folds.

A profuse bleeding, if the gauze is soaked before the rest of the cord falls or the navel bleeds abundantly, indicates coagulation disorder, so it will be necessary to consult a pediatrician.

If the cord bleeds lightly it is only a small irritation of the navel structures by rubbing the diaper. There are special diapers for newborns that are either low to not touch the cord, or are wide to cover it completely.

Normally the slight bleeding of the navel disappears only, but it is important to verify that it is not the beginning of an infection of the navel, the omphalitis of which we spoke to you recently. Other signs would alert us of this: reddening of the surrounding skin, oozing and bad odor. Then you must go immediately to the specialist for treatment.

But we should not worry if the umbilical bleeding is mild and there are no other symptoms.

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