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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Many women who evaluate the possibility of having an operation to get a breast augmentation have the same question: can I breastfeed my baby with silicone implants?

Normally you can. There is no evidence that implanted prostheses affect the ability to breastfeed, although there are professionals who think it is debatable.

If the prosthesis is well placed, that is, behind the mammary gland, the intervention does not prevent breastfeeding normally nor does it pose any risk to the baby.

Another concern is that the silicone prosthesis is broken and the liquid can pass to the baby through the milk, but that is almost impossible, since the breakage of the prosthesis is a very rare accident and in any case would not happen to milk in appreciable amounts. Although there are also detractors. Some doctors, such as Dr. Fernando de los Santos, head of the Senology Unit of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga, discourage breastfeeding after an operation.

According to de los Santos, "the mastitis that may appear during breastfeeding leads to the removal of the prosthesis, and this to the previous surgical disaster. On the other hand, when a prosthesis is placed via areolar ducts are broken, and this deterioration can more easily cause milk retention and mastitis. I never advise it. "

In addition, he considers that there are very good formulas of artificial feeding that can in these cases perfectly supplement natural breastfeeding.

That will also seem debatable to some.

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