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Share Six ideas to choose the name of the baby

Armando @armando_bastida

Choosing the name of a future baby is not an easy task, or at least it is not, because the preferences of one of the partners do not have to coincide with the preferences of the other. In addition, it is a choice that must be taken with caution and without haste because the name we give to our baby will be the one that accompanies him throughout his life (or at least the time that passes until he decides to change it).

For this reason we are going to offer you six ideas to choose the name of the baby so that you have a starting point or a point to continue in the search for that name that you are looking for and that does not just arrive.

1. The book of baby names

It is easy to find books in the bookstores of baby names, which explain their meaning and etymology, to get an idea of ​​what name we are choosing (although here in Spain the meaning of the names does not worry us too much).

If we do not want to spend money on a book of these, you can always look up listings of names on the internet . In Babies and more we have commented some of the most used names.

Maybe it could be a good idea for mom and dad to look at the book separately, pointing out the names that they like the most to each one and then making a sharing.

2. Keep in mind if someone in the family already has that name

There are parents who like their children to have the name of someone in the family, so it can be a factor to take into account to choose it or, if you do not like it, to avoid it. In my family, for example, there is a plague of "Enriques", to the point that the smallest of them we called him, affectionately, Enrique IV.

I also know of some sisters who were called Isabel and Elisabeth, which is the same but in a different language. Maybe their parents did it consciously, but if that was the case, the comments I heard about it were not very positive (although what others say, as they usually say, should not matter)


the problem is when the mockery reaches the girl).

In the same way we must take into account whether we want our son to be like us or not. Although it seems a custom that is no longer worn (I see it that way), I still see children with the name of the father and girls with the name of the mother .

Do what you want, God forbid me to influence this, but in my house there were two Carlos (my father and my brother), and when they called asking for Carlos it was a real pain to have to ask "The father or the son?", not for asking the question, but because sometimes, the other interlocutor answered "Well I do not know". And you had to start playing the guessing games to see who you were calling.

Now, fortunately, since everyone has a cell phone, this has been solved. Anyway, I think it is very rare for someone to say "Carlos!" And turn two people, father and son. I guess I feel it because because I can count the Armandos with whom I have coincided in my life with the fingers of one hand, I have always valued very much having a very exclusive name (come on, I do not like my name, but I love its exclusiveness).

By the way, in my house there were also two Enriques, my father (whose name is Enrique Carlos) and another one of my brothers: "The father or the son?".

3. Consult the databases of the National Institute of Statistics

Another way to see names to choose is to consult the database of the National Institute of Statistics. A few days ago Lola told us that the names most placed last year were Alejandro and Lucia. Well, looking in that database you can see more names used in Spain, in case there is an idea of ​​what name to put or, if you are of mine, to see what names do not put.

In Catalonia we have the Idescat, which offers us a lot of data about the names that are put here, I mention it because we used it at the time (in its three moments).

4. Consider the last names the baby will have

It may sound silly, but it is important to write the child's full name to see how the combination of first and last name is . Sometimes rhymes come out unintentionally, or wanting, and although the first few times may sound good then they can become heavy or tiresome. So to boat soon I think "Laura Maura" or "Antonio Polonio".

In the same way it is necessary to watch that the last syllable of the name does not create a word with the first syllable of the surname and also take into account that when a surname is very long, a short name is better and vice versa, if the surname is short, it remains better a long name, although this is already a matter of taste


to me for example I like rather short names.

The most advisable thing is to write the full name and read it more than once, to look for problems and, if there are, solve them (or change the name or alternate the surnames, which can now be done).

5. Patience when choosing it

Do not hurry when choosing the name, or keep it if you want, but knowing that nine months are very long . There are parents who arrive at the birth without knowing yet how to call their baby and I even know a child who was almost four days without a name, because their parents had not yet decided (stories that are read online).

Without reaching these extremes, there are parents like us who were very clear that our first child would be called Jan if he was a boy and Júlia if she was a girl. As the pregnancy progressed those names stopped liking us. We saw that many children were called like that and we also realized that in the US Jan is the name of a woman, so we changed Jan for Jon, who we also liked a lot and Júlia for Ivette, the girl we never had.

6. Do not ask anyone

The choice of the name has to be your thing. The moment that third parties enter you will always find opinions contrary to the name that you like and they will look for an absurd rhyme to do with it or they will tell you about how badly one who calls is the same.

That's why, if it's about baby names, it's better not to say anything until you have it completely decided, or you'll have a hard time, believe me.

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