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Share Will the meningitis vaccine be free?

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

It is a claim of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, who asked the state to inject free and widely to all children under two years pneumococcal vaccine, responsible for preventing diseases such as otitis media, pneumonia, bronchitis or meningitis.

So far, the vaccine is not included in the childhood vaccination schedule and its cost is about three hundred euros. It is given in four doses: at two, four and six months, and then at two years. Logically, it is not available to everyone.

The pneumococcal bacteria is the second causative agent of meningitis in children under two years of age and the first cause of death.

The Association asks the State to assume at least a part of the cost of the vaccine so that it can be available to the entire population and to eradicate meningitis in the future.

Many parents who take their babies to daycare centers choose to apply the vaccine to prevent possible infections. But for now they have no choice but to pay it in a particular way.

We will see if in the future it is included in the vaccination program for free and for everyone.

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