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A little later than usual, but finally it was time to enjoy the well-deserved vacation. This year, in addition, for the first time, you will spend it with your baby and, as usual, you will have a lot of doubts when planning and deciding destination. Is it wise to choose a city with a beach if the baby can not get the sun? Will an airplane trip affect you? How will it take so many hours of travel by car? Will it easily adapt to the change of routine? If you want your first vacation with your baby to be special, take note of these tips:

Implement a routine for your baby

On vacations we forget the clock and relax with the schedules. We have all the time in the world available and we want to enjoy it to the fullest. However, your baby needs to keep his discipline intact and strictly follow his schedule of meals, naps and baths to adapt as quickly as possible to the chosen vacation spot.

Hotel or apartment?

LullaGo travel cot.

The option that seems to predominate when traveling as a family is to choose an apartment. The reasons are the most varied and not only adhere to the economic aspect (that too). In an apartment the normal thing is to have a wider space that will allow you to place all the baby things correctly, such as your bathroom corner, diaper changing area or resting place.

For the baby it is very important to have your crib with a good mattress and everything you need to rest. Many hotels offer crib service as an extra but unless you have good references or the assurance that they will be in good condition, it is best to bring your own crib.

The LullaGo travel cot meets all the necessary requirements to ensure a quality rest for your baby. It is assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds, it can be transported in a comfortable bag, its soft fabric contains mesh inserts for proper ventilation and incorporates a mattress that can also be folded. Both the mattress and the fabric are removable and washable, in addition the cradle does not rest on the floor, which guarantees greater hygiene and safety when sleeping outside the home.

Create an environment conducive to your baby's rest

Do not forget to put in your suitcase any object that normally serves to relax you like several pacifiers, your favorite blanket or a stuffed animal. It is also important to protect your baby from mosquitoes and other insects. The best option is to install a mosquito net in the crib. This will prevent mosquitoes, very common in coastal areas and in the mountains, or any other insect disturbing your baby's sleep.

In short, prevention is better than cure. If you plan your vacation with enough time and you anticipate the traveling needs of each member of the family, you can enjoy the best vacation of your life in the company of your loved ones.

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