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Share External signs to guide us


When the newborn is sick, nothing anguishes us so much. Sure, he can not tell us anything, not even point us where it hurts.

The only thing that parents have are external signs that serve to guide us about the state of the baby. It is recommended to go urgently to the hospital, to the emergency service when the baby presents these symptoms, among others:

Letárgica, notes that the baby does not move, is decayed, does not have the same energy.

Breathing difficulties, you realize that he breathes raggedly and you hear beeps in his chest. You can also see that when they inhale their little ribs they sink. Cyanosis, you see that the baby has a bluish color on their skin, nails and lips.

Inconsolable irritability, it is not a simple cry because of hunger or sleep, it does not stop crying even if you pick it up. There is nothing to calm him down.

Petechiae, you see spots appear as if they were freckles.

Dehydration urinates little, notes that it has a dry and sticky mouth, when it cries it does not expel tears and you see that the skin of the baby looks a bit wrinkled.

There are some symptoms, although there are many, these are the clearest and those that can help us react quickly.

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