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papaLobo @papaLobox

Do you remember when we lost a tooth as a child? We left it under the pillow and the next day a little mouse with the last name Pérez had taken it and left us a gift in return.

All this was done by Mr. Pérez in the most absolute secrecy so as not to wake anyone up and always waiting for the coveted tooth to remain in place and not be lost. The problem was that you had to wait for the next day for the gift, part of the time you had to wait while the tooth fell into the desire to fall.

Of the systems of dental detachment we will speak on another occasion, today we are going to talk about a novel system by which we send the tooth and the mouse gives us a gift without waiting. Mr. Pérez, there goes my tooth.

Urgent Shipping System for the Tooth Fairy

Jeff Highsmith is not a regular father, he does not conform to the typical crafts that are sent to our children at school for us to do, the night before they have to be handed out. It is not enough for you to make 500 piece puzzles or restore your old bicycle. He prefers to leave the rest of the parents at the height of the bitumen.

I suppose that he must have a lot of free time, of course if I start doing it when I finish my children, they will only need to leave the wisdom teeth. And it is that this man has mounted a hydraulic system to send the tooth directly to the house of Mr. Pérez or in his case the Tooth Fairy .

Have you seen in large stores the way the cashier staff has to send money to the central cashier? Well, it seems that Mr. Highsmith must dedicate to install them, because that is exactly what he has set up in his house.

The system not only sends the tooth, but is also able to receive the gift almost immediately! And it is 100% functional, all controlled by a mini-computer and a mobile phone.

I leave you with the video of how it is done because it is worth every minute.

I hope my children do not see that I see myself building one. Mr. Perez, there goes my tooth!

Via | Make Photo | Travis Isaacs on Flickr in Babies and More | Letter to leave the Tooth Fairy when a tooth falls Free!