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Share Stickiestory: tales of personalized stickers with the child's photo

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

We can create a personalized story in which our son is the protagonist of the story with Stickiestory .

The idea is very original. They are personalized children's stories for babies and children that include their names and also stickers with the photo of their faces .

It will be very fun because in each story there can be up to four protagonists, so that the rest of the family can also participate in the story.

The first thing you have to do is acquire the story (19.95 euros) and when you receive it at home you can start to complete it. You only need an internet connection, a printer, scissors and your photos.

Thanks to the self-adhesive sheets that come in the story you can customize the faces of the protagonists, print them and paste them in the story cartoons, as well as create the text of the story.

There are three different stories to choose from, depending on the child's tastes: Magic Princess, in which the protagonist is a beautiful princess, Space Adventure, in which an adventurer travels in a rocket to space and Super super, in which the protagonist is a super hero.

Sure you will have a fun time creating your personalized story that will be unique and exclusive.

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