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Share You're short: 11 things to enjoy in your last weeks of pregnancy

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

Pregnancy is a stage that although each woman lives differently, is one in which we can enjoy many different things throughout each quarter. During the third trimester, thanks to our belly some activities become real challenges and we can feel anxious that the day will come when we will meet our baby.

But do not be in a hurry and take the opportunity to enjoy the final stretch of pregnancy. We share 11 things to enjoy in the last weeks of your pregnancy .

Let you pamper

One of the things that we most notice when we are pregnant is how it changes the treatment of some people towards us. It is common for those around us, be family, friends or even strangers with whom we interact in public places, be kinder to us and help us with some things, so that we do not strive or struggle.

Take advantage and let yourself consent these last weeks, which will surely be a bit more exhausting due to the size of your belly and all the changes that your body continues to go through.

Enjoy your belly

Yes, maybe at this point your belly rather than being something that inspires tenderness is something that prevents you from sleeping comfortably or putting on clothes that do not tighten you. But it is in these weeks when you will be able to enjoy it and touch it at its maximum splendor.

Admire her, caress her and appreciate the capacity of your body to create and accommodate a new life during those nine months.

Feel the kicks of your baby

The kicks of your baby are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful feelings we can feel in pregnancy . And although now our baby does not have much room to move and perhaps more than kicks we feel them like pushes, we enjoy that beautiful sensation of having our baby attached to us.

Eat calmly

Motherhood is very beautiful, but it is also true that once the baby is born, our schedules and routines go crazy, causing us to have very strange meal schedules and that sometimes we can not even eat with ease. If you are a new mother, take advantage and eat at your own pace. If you already have children, enjoy eating with them, explaining the importance of having a good diet now that you expect a baby.

The cravings

A healthy diet is basic in pregnancy, but it is also fun to give in to the cravings that our body is asking for. Take advantage of these last days to give you a treat, say "yes" to that craving -normal or rare- and enjoy it without guilt .

Spend an afternoon in a spa

Take advantage of the fact that you still have your hands free and visit a spa to let yourself be pampered a little . It can be from the manicure to make a facial, just remember to consult with your doctor before doing so, and so recommend the best options for you.

Go out with your friends or partner

Take advantage of the fact that your baby remains safe and protected inside your belly to enjoy a meal with your friends or a dinner with your partner. Even many couples decide to make a "baby moon", which is a kind of second honeymoon before the baby is born.

Prepare everything for your baby

One of the most beautiful parts of pregnancy, is when you prepare everything you need for the arrival of your baby. From buying and organizing your clothes, to preparing your room in case you do not sleep with you, it is undoubtedly something that fills us with enthusiasm and that you can enjoy doing calmly in those last weeks.

Get a massage

One of the things you can do for yourself during pregnancy to feel better and help you to be more relaxed, is to assist with a certified massage therapist or therapist to receive a prenatal massage. Make sure you have the approval of your doctor and that the place you go to is handled by professionals.

The tranquility

We do not want to scare you, but when the baby arrives, tranquility and silence are two things that are conspicuous by their absence. From the nights when he wakes up every certain hour to eat, to the first years of childhood where that little voice keeps laughing and shouting, the tranquility becomes strange . Enjoy it and relax.

Sleep and rest

Last but not least: rest and sleep as much as you can. In recent weeks our body has become more fatigued and it is very important to have a good rest in pregnancy. This was something I did during the last month of my pregnancy and it was definitely the best decision.

During the third trimester we can have some discomfort, but also remember that we can always resort to these suggestions of things that you can enjoy in the last weeks of your pregnancy . Would you add others to the list?

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