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Share Mickey House resale traffic over the internet

Eva Paris @paris_eva

We have been years in which the House of Mickey, the toy created in the image and likeness of cartoons (or was it the other way around?), Is exhausted when Christmas arrives. Just take a look at the web to see how in that time of gifts and last minute shopping many people do not find the toy. But of course, in the face of the demand, there are always clever Internet salespeople who took over Mickey's House at some other time ...

My eldest daughter loves those cartoons, and I decided to find how much Mickey's House cost on the Internet. What was my surprise to see the large number of resale offers, in the style of what is on the doorstep of football stadiums or big concerts when the big day arrives. There is always someone who pays more for what cost a lot less.

Sure, the resellers make their August in full December, charging from 10 euros more to twice the cost of the Mickey House in origin.

Private sellers display their prices in different forums on the Internet, but I was also surprised to see toy store owners, people who run their stores and who, because they were too far-sighted, have Mickey Houses to spare. Of course, they also increase the price.

Therefore, the advice is simple: if you have foreseen that the House of Mickey is the gift of your children this Christmas, now is the time to buy it . They are easily found in large stores and toy stores, at a price of around 50 euros (euro up, euro down, according to the trade). It is not going to be that this year Santa Claus or the Kings will fall short again with the distribution of Mickey's Houses ...

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