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Mireia Long

The tireless work of professionals and mothers who are aware of the normal birth is bearing fruit and, little by little, progress has been made enormously in this regard. A few days ago I was surprised by the pleasant news that in Catalonia the number of women who prefer a natural birth has tripled since 2006 and there are more than 1500 births without interventions that occur every year.

Although not all mothers who request a natural birth complete the process in this way, the percentages have also varied and, as the number of applicants increases, the number of cases that end without intervention or the mother requesting it is lower. asking for anesthesia.

This is not bad, since it indicates that security is guaranteed and that women can decide, although it could reveal that the best conditions are not always provided for everything to happen naturally.

The ratio of 3% of natural births to the total seems to be very low, despite the fact that there are already 28 Catalan hospitals that, in theory, are ready to take care of them.

Do not forget that the training and quantity of health personnel is important to allow a delivery without interventions and that also, without the slightest doubt, women should receive adequate and contrasted information in addition to a preparation oriented to see natural birth as natural and sure, which I really doubt is taking place fully. And the freedom of choice is not complete without adequate access to information.

Birth is a natural physiological process in which it would not be necessary to do anything, just observe professionally but not invasively to detect any problem. But for natural childbirth to occur, women must understand it as safe and healthy, not be afraid and learn to channel pain.

In addition, professionals must have experience and not be afraid either, and have adequate spaces to serve them. It is not necessary to shave, put an enema, or monitor continuously or internally, it is necessary to allow the free movement of the woman throughout the delivery and make available non-pharmacological pain control measures, such as balls, baths and massages. In addition, the climate of intimacy, penumbra and silence, without entry and exit of personnel that do not strictly lack are also important.

Once all this is achieved, it is possible for the center to start offering natural births and that takes time. But the commitment to offer at least that possibility without the mothers who want to be attacked and I think a breakthrough to congratulate the Catalan health network has managed to triple natural births in four years.

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