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Share Your child can now enjoy the car of the game Super Mario Kart in real size

papaLobo @papaLobox

I do not know if there will be someone on the planet who has not played, or at least heard of Super Mario, the famous Nintendo game that has marked an entire generation that has spent hours jumping in search of coins and mushrooms, so we have I left some.

If you are a fan of the most famous plumber of all times, if you have spent hours playing the console competing with dragons, princesses and other family to get the first to the goal, you're in luck. Well, those who are in luck are your children, since they can now get on a life-size replica of the Super Mario Kart car in real size.

The characteristics of the kart are:

Electric battery (6V). March forward and backward. Safety braking system. Seat belt. Possibility of exchanging tires, road or interior. It has the same sounds as the game. It admits 32 kilos of maximum weight. Maximum speed 4km / h

The Super Mario Kart Ride On will appear in the toy stores at the end of the year, at least in the English and its price will be around 145 euros.

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