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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The issue of childhood obesity is changing from a worrying topic to a pressing issue, both for parents and for doctors.

A sample of the extremes that these cases reach is that of Mateus Araújo, a Brazilian boy who was born with a normal weight of 3, 650 kilos and now, with one year and three months has a weight of 25 kilos, 14 more than Recommended for your age .

The "superbebe", which at three months weighed 10 kilos and increases 1.5 kilos per month, has been controlled every month since he was born, but doctors do not find the cause of overweight he suffers.

The question is aggravated because three months ago the child suffers fainting and we do not know why.

A good Samaritan has offered to finance a treatment where he will be controlled by a group of experts, including endocrinologists and child psychologists.

The mother, who says that the baby follows the diet given by a nutritionist, complains that the doctors blame her for the illness of her son.

It reminds me of the case of the obese child in Britain whose mother was about to be removed from custody for not being able to feed her child correctly.

This type of case leads us to ask a question, do you think that parents are responsible for the obesity of their children?

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