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Predicting with certainty when the day and hour in which a baby is born is unlikely. While we may want to be born at a certain date or time of day, it is the baby who chooses when to be born. But, is there any time you prefer?

A recent study found that most babies are born at night, and that the peak hour of birth is at 4:00 in the morning . We tell you the results of the study and the possible reasons why this happens.

Babies prefer to be born at night

Some time ago we shared the results of a study that was conducted analyzing the records of more than 4, 500 births occurred in the Maternity House of Madrid between 1887 and 1892. Although they are very old, these data have a particular importance, because they are from a time when surgical interventions, such as caesarean sections, were minimal.

From this study it could be found that babies preferred to be born at night and it is believed that this is due to both evolutionary and biological reasons, similar to those of the study that we will now share.

The peak hour of birth, 4:00 AM

This new study published in Plos One magazine, reviewed the records of more than five million births in England, from 2005 to 2014.

Different regression models and descriptive statistics were established to establish how the patterns of time of birth vary according to the type of delivery and gestational age, among other factors.

They found that the time of birth and the day of the week when this happened varied considerably. In the case of deliveries that were triggered spontaneously, these occurred mostly between midnight and six in the morning, having a peak at 4:00 in the morning, as well as being more likely to occur during the week and Not so much on weekends or holidays.

On the other hand, the majority of cesarean sections occurred on the mornings of working days, while deliveries that were induced, occurred regularly around midnight between Thursday and Saturday, as well as in the days before a holiday.

The result of caesarean sections does not surprise us, because previously we had talked about how more and more deliveries were induced and more caesarean sections were scheduled to avoid falling on weekends.

But what about the hours of natural birth or what is triggered spontaneously? As we commented in the study in which it was talked about that babies had a preference to be born at night, this may be due to evolutionary and biological reasons .

On the side of evolution, it can be a matter of security and survival, as our ancestors used to meet at nightfall after returning from a day out hunting, so the pregnant woman was now surrounded by others who could protect her. She and the baby of possible predators.

Another factor that would influence births during the night is due to the influence of light - or the absence of it - and that, like the body, delivery is governed by the circadian rhythm. In addition, melatonin, a hormone that is produced in the absence of light, helps start other hormones that are responsible for triggering the birth.

All these reasons could explain why most babies choose to be born at night and help us perhaps, to be better prepared in case it is triggered by the sun.

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