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Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

In the world, 250 babies are born every minute, and according to different analyzes, the time of year in which more births occur, is in the summer. And in a hospital in Texas, they could see proof of this recently, because in just 41 hours, they attended the births of 48 babies .

The Baylor Medical Center in Forth Worth, Texas, was where this "baby boom" occurred, in which medical staff averaged more than one birth per hour . In less than two days, 48 ​​babies were born and of course, many speak of the curious coincidence.

One of them, is the famous theory of the phases of the moon, because the birth dates coincided with the last week of June, in which there was a full moon, although it has already been proven that it has no effect on births. .

What could be and that has scientific support thanks to various statistical studies on births, is that it is starting one of the months in which more births occur. In both Spain and the United States, it has been found that during July, August and September, more babies are born .

And what is this? Well, it is believed that the Christmas season and the cold of the season would be the reasons why approximately nine months later, is when more new babies come into the world.

No doubt the birth of a baby is great news, and in this Texas hospital, they were celebrating every hour for almost two days in a row.

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