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Share A good idea to organize the costumes of the kids

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The costumes are, from a point of view, as antipractic as the stuffed animals. They take up space and we never really know where to put them, so I bring you a good idea to organize the costumes of the kids .

Children love them because they make them fantasize that they become different characters and this game is essential for their development, but when it comes to saving them it is complicated. In the closet take up too much space, in a trunk they are damaged, so why not hang them on a wall.

Girls' costumes are often colorful dresses, while children prefer to wear superhero costumes or pirates. Whatever your little favorite costume, will give a decorative touch to the wall of your room. If it is also painted in stripes of horizontal colors as in the photo, the result will be the most colorful.

You just need to get some nice hangers and install them at the height of the small, so you have easy access to the costumes and can re-hang them after use. Accessories such as shoes, crowns, swords, hats and others, you can store in a trunk or a storage box for it placed under the suits. What did you think of the idea?

Photo | Bohemian Hunter