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Eva Paris @paris_eva

We have already mentioned that there are more and more pregnant women with diabetes, and this fact will undoubtedly be highlighted at the VI Meeting of Diabetes and Obesity of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) which is being held in Zaragoza in the coming days. And, according to experts, gestational diabetes affects one in ten pregnant women .

Gestational diabetes is a disease related to excessive weight gain before or during pregnancy, which can lead to complications such as high blood pressure or various urinary infections, together with possible complications in the fetus, such as macrosomia.

That is why the SEMI wanted to highlight during the days prior to the celebration of its congress the importance of the prevention of diabetes and obesity in pregnant women . Poor nutrition and the delay in the age of motherhood would be among the causes of this increase in the incidence of diabetes.

During pregnancy, the main reasons why it arises are the hormonal changes that occur and that cause insulin resistance. This favors the onset of diabetes in those women who can not compensate for this resistance.

Given the fact that almost 60% of the adult Spanish population has overweight problems, the importance of this congress can be understood. In addition, the prevalence of diabetes in Spain is around 14%, although almost half of the cases are not diagnosed.

We will be attentive to the news in this congress on obesity and diabetes to know the latest developments in this regard, especially in those referring to childhood and gestational diabetes, and to future mothers we remind them how to control gestational diabetes.

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