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Share A fun idea: decorating glasses with confetti for children's parties

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

As the carnival is approaching I propose a fun idea to fill the table with color: decorating glasses with confetti, an original proposal for either this or any children's party.

The most fun is to cut the circles of colored paper, so your kids will have a fun time. Anyway, I do not know if I would use them for children to drink because of the risk of swallowing some paper, but to decorate or to put sweets inside.

You will need transparent or white plastic cups, a circle-shaped die (not too big) and sheets of tissue paper of various colors. Oh, and a stick of glue to attach to the glasses.

Once you have cut several circles, you will begin to stick them to the glasses at the top, forming rows of different colors. Here when it comes to children, try to leave a free space of about three centimeters without touching the edge of the glass in case they are going to use them to drink.

I propose to make this fun project with the children that will add a touch of color to your children's parties .

Via | A Subtle Revelry